Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Go Grocery Shopping With Me!

So, I just got back to Germany which means I needed to restock the food supply. After a quick leg lift, which I will hopefully put up later today, I hit the grocery store. Quite a few people have asked me what I eat so here is what I picked up:

- A few bags of trail mix (nuts, berries and raisins only)
- Rice cakes
- All natural peanut butter
- Bio all natural cheese
- Various frozen vegetable mixes
- Several packages of frozen broccoli 
- Frozen bio salmon
- Two pre-made mixed green salad with tunafish (those will get knocked out today and tomorrow)
My post workout shake/meal.
- Six different steaks
- Six chicken breasts
- Fresh sliced deli chicken breast
- Fresh sliced deli turkey

Thats it. Now I did have a couple of items at home.

- Brown rice
- Jasmine rice
- Eggs (Man I hope I can still eat these!)
- Green tea
- Coffee
- Protein Powder
- C4 Pre-workout 

That's it. This food should last me somewhere between a week and 10 days on my current intermittent fasting eating plan which consists of two large meals, two protein shakes and constant snacking during my eight hour eating window. 

This type of diet really fits my lifestyle and allows me stay pretty lean year round. Any questions? Just ask.



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