Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I am going to start off by telling you THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. This is only for those who want who will commit the time, dedicate to the nutrition, get the proper rest, and WANT TO GROW. That being said, here is my current training split. 

MONDAY: Abs, Upper Chest, Back (Rows only), Rear Delt, Side Delt, and Bicep Touch-ups
TUESDAY: Calves, Quads, Hamstring Touch-ups
WEDNESDAY: Abs, Tris, Bis, Shoulders
THURSDAY: Calves, Back (Pulls only), Chest (Flat movements and lower chest), Rear Delt, Side Delt, and Tricep Touch-ups
FRIDAY: Abs, Hams, Quad Touch-ups
SATURDAY: Calves, Shoulders, Bis, Tris

Seem like a lot? It is, and I love it. I do make changes as necessary and when time permits. Here are a few alterations I have made:

1) Do Upper Chest and Side Delt Touch-ups on Sunday afternoon and do the rest Monday.
2) Same as above but split it into an AM and PM workout on Monday. 
3) Do an AM and a PM workout on Tuesday and hit Shoulders and Touch-ups in the evening. 
4) Same as above but in the evening hit Shoulders and Touch-Ups.
5) Do an AM and PM workout on Thursday with Calves, Back and Rear Delt Touch-ups in the morning and the rest in the evening. 

I actually do the two-a-day plan most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. When doing the two-a-day portion of the plan, especially if you are trying to gain muscle, make sure that you do a post workout shake immediately following the workout and a large meal 30-45 minutes after that. 

I know someone right now is saying "I don't have time to work out twice a day." I would challenge that. You can go before work, during lunch, or late at night. I often lift during what would normally be lunch time for most people and then around 10 pm. I get done around 1130, drink a shake, eat midnight and go to bed by 1230. I won't say all, but a lot of you are up this, late. Why not be productive? 

If you only have time for one workout session per day just make sure you have plenty of food in you before your training session to avoid tiring. Sipping a pre-workout product through the training session can also help. I often plan to drink half of my pre-wprkout shake before my workout and sip the second half through the first half of my workout. 

Give it a try for four weeks with a solid nutrition plan and 7-8 hours of sleep and just watch what happens! If enough people ask for a specific exercise split maybe we will post one ;)



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