Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dream Team Plus!!!!

The US men's basketball team handled Spain pretty easily last night. Even though they were without Mark Gasol, Spain got trucked and I think Team USA was sending a message. 

Recently, the current team caused a bit of an uproar when they said they feel they could beat the 1992 Dream Team. Since the teams will never play, it is all speculation but, in my opinion, the 1992 team easily wins a 7 game series in somewhere between 4 and 6 games. 

If I had to bet on a number I would gamble on 5. The reason? ANYONE can when 1 game. As the announcers said last night, Spain and Argentina are dangerous because this tournament is single elimination. But, as far as who was the better team, it's not even close. Actually, if you look at the 2008 Olympic Team, they match up better with Dream Team due to having Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh (I can hear all the Bosh jokes now but Coach K even raved about his play at center in the Olympics and he is 6'11"!). With those two and Wade I give the 2008 team a much better chance to win 2 games in a 7 game series. 

My favorite question was: If you could take players from both teams (1992 and 2012) who would you take? Well, if I were to fill out the roster like an NBA roster (2 per position plus a last 2) here is the SideMeat super squad:

Centers: Ewing, Robinson - This is the easiest selection with Dwight Howard not being available. Even with Dwight I don't think I would select him over the other 2 even though he has slightly higher rebound numbers. His free throw shooting is so poor (49%)I would have to rule him out. 

Power Forwards: Malone, Barkley - Probably the next easiest selection. There no true power forwards on the current roster outside of Kevin Love. He is a great player and a "stretch" 4 but Malone and Barkley are all-time greats.

Small Forwards: James, Durant - Larry Bird is an all-time great, however, he was fresh off a back injury and was selected on name recognition. He did not make an All NBA Team that year (Mullin and Malone were first team, Pippen and Barkley were second, Kevin Willis and Dennis Rodman were third). Also, hse only played in 2 games the whole qualifying tournament because of the injury. While I know some people are cringing I would have to go with who I feel are the two best players in the NBA right now. Even Larry himself said these guys are good and atheletic. He actually said if he was playing today he would be "in trouble" in an interview. Just remember we are talking 1992 Bird vs 2012 Durant and James, not about Bird's overall body of work. Chris Mullin is better than people give him credit for and was coming off one the best seasons of his career (25.6 pts, 5.6 rbs, 3.5 ast, 54.4% FG%). However, he comes in 4th in my opinion beating out another all-time great, Scottie Pippen.  

Shooting Guards: Jordan, Bryant - This is actually very close in my opinion. Clyde Drexler was coming off his BEST SEASON EVER with 25 pts, 6.6 rbs, 6.7 ast, as opposed to Kobe's 27.9, 5.4, 4.6, and his aforementioned All NBA 1st Team selection. Overall nod goes to Kobe due to his defense and pure tenacity. 

Point Guards: Johnson, Paul - This was closer than you think and would have been a very tough choice. We hate on Stockton but he came off a 15.8 pts, 13ast, and 3 rbd season AND he led the league in steals...Paul was 19.8, 9, 3.5 and led the league in steals as well but had less than Stockton. However, Paul has to get the pick because of intensity and on ball defense. 

Last 2: Pippen, Drexler - Due to the versatility of the current line up, this had to go to guys who could play more than one position. With all of the forwards being good rebounders (8+ per game), I don't feel the need for a 3rd center. Lebron and Durant can both play power forward as well. Even though Deron, Stockton, and Russell are solid, I feel like you need to get a 2 or 3 who can play multiple positions. I considered Carmelo seriously (HE PUT IN WORK LAST NIGHT!) but, at the end of the day, I feel like Pippen and Drexler are the two best all-around guys remaining.

Starting 5: Johnson, Jordan, James, Barkley (this one was a toss up in my opinion but Barkley makes me laugh so I take him), Ewing (another close one)

As you can see, this is all very debatable but this would be "Team SideMeat". What do you think? Who would be your ultimate combo squad?



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