Monday, April 30, 2012

Got that "Slumpbody"? Do work!

A good Team SideMeat training session has inspired us to inform you guys that there is an epidemic going around. You, your friends and loved ones, even your children may be rocking that "Slumpbody". This is the caveman like posture that is all too common in people today. This posture can cause you serious problems later in life and, if that alone isn't enough to get you started fixing in, makes you look plain bad! 

What do we mean by slump body? Your head is pushed forward and your shoulders are pulled forward and down causing you to "slump" like a caveman. The hump this creates in your back gets worse over time and is the reason many older people appear hunched over and have back problems. 

I can think of a million reasons how and why this happens but one that quickly comes to mind is muscular imbalance. From the time we are in high school everyone asks "How much do you bench?" Rarely do we hear someone ask how many pull-ups we can do or how much can we row. This thought process has led to a focus on pushing movements and a lack of focus on pulling. This creates an imbalance with strong front deltoids and chest muscles which now pull your body forward and weak rear deltoids and back muscles. I see this in numerous high school boys who have horrible posture! This can also lead to the medical condition known as impingement. 

Another muscular reason for this is a lack of core strength. Remember your abdominal muscles serve not only to pull your shoulders towards your knees, the crunching motion we all love to use, but also to hold you up right. How many of you include planking and bridging exercises as a regular part of your abdominal work? 

So the question becomes, how do I stop or correct that Slumpbody? Well there has to be a conscious effort. Learning how to "activate" your rear deltoids during back and shoulder exercises is one essential tool. Paying attention to the way you walk and sit will be of great help as well. Remember, shoulder back, chest out, and head up, just like they tell you in the military. 

People often are afraid to walk upright because it feels exaggerated at first. If you look at yourself in the mirror you will see that the feeling of exaggeration is in your head and this posture looks much better. It also pulls in your waistline and lifts and expands your chest giving you that coveted V shape. 

Need some help getting rid of that Slumpbody? Holler at your boys at SideMeat!



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