Thursday, April 5, 2012

I sho am tired.....

As I fight through my first day of jet lag and prep for a dinner with financial clients and friends tomorrow I thought of what many of us are missing in our training plans. We train hard and even manage to tighten down those diets but in today's rat race we often neglect a third pillar of health and fitness: rest and recovery. Just as with everyone else, I get caught working late and have to get up early to prep for the day or get in that workout I may not be able to get in later that day. With clients from Hawaii to all over the continental United States to Japan and many other countries abroad, my schedule can be crazy! With that in mind I have taken steps towards getting the appropriate amount of rest. Just as with nutrient intake and training plans, the amount of required rest varies slightly from person to person. Every thing from the amount of REM sleep to number of hours we spend being "inactive" can help us rest and recover. Now, I am not recommending everyone become lazy and spend more than the required number of hours sleeping and laying around, but learn to read your body and make sure you are resting and recovering appropriately. If you manage your rest as you do your training and nutrition you will find you perform better in the gym as well as other aspects of life!



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