Monday, April 9, 2012

One great thing about being in the states is the constant ability to watch Sports Center. That being said, the around the clock Master's coverage has rekindled some of my golf interest. After fighting through a few weeks of lessons two summers ago and buying a new Taylor Made R9 driver, my interest started to fade. I must say transitioning to a sport that requires you to relax during your swing motion and maintain a loose grip is a tough transition for a weight lifter.

Bubba Watson is a guy, from what I can see, with very non-traditional golf habits and a non-traditional golf look. One thing that really interests me is his multi-jointed swing. The way he swings goes against majority of what I was taught the times I took golf lessons. This actually gives him a slight advantage in the power arena. 

The key is the torque he creates by rotating his body. A traditional golf swing has a 45 degree rotation with the hips and a 90 degree rotation at the shoulders with both feet firmly planted on the backswing. Bubba manages to get even more torque my allowing his front heel to come off the ground, something I was taught was a strict no-no! This allows him to get rotations of closer to 60 and 120 degrees respectively. Watson also allows his hips to start to rotate forwards as his club continues to rotate back. Which increases his torque even further. 

This is a part of Bubba's swing which is just as non-traditional as his hair, his shirt buttoned all the way to the top button, and his pink driver. In fashion circles, color blocking is in this year. What does that mean? Bubba's pink driver will look great next to his new Green Jacket. 

One thing for certain, Bubba Watson did him.




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