Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out of town? Still gotta earn that weekend!

What's going on guys? This is just a quick post. I had a great day yesterday. A little exhausting but still a great day...

I was about an hour away from home with three hours between meetings due to a cancellation. Originally I thought I wouldn't be getting a workout in. As is my custom when away from home, I had a gym bag with me. I followed these four steps and had great results:

1) Google gyms.
2) Go to nearest private gym (no chains)
3) Pay day fee.

Here are my results.....

Now this may not be possible and can be expensive. The most important part is I was ready. I had my stuff and if necessary, I would have found a park, ran and done work with body weight some 20lbs dumbbells (yeah, I roll like that sometimes). It's better than nothing! Your best bet? Get a GOOD set of resistance bands, keep that bag packed and always be ready to DO WORK when time allows!

It's Thursday, you got two days left. EARN that weekend!



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