Friday, August 3, 2012

What is your relationship with yourself?

This is Friday so I won't bore you too much. Just a few thoughts....

A lot of us go on "diets" to get in shape. Most diets are proponents of a cheat day  or meal which I always tell my clients to have from time to time. The problem with cheating is that we take it to the extreme. We over do it. We take our day and turn it into three fast food meals and/or night of binge drinking where consume 3 days worth of our caloric intake and ruin our bodies for the next three or four days! Why take 3 steps forward during the week only to take 2 steps back EVERY WEEKEND. All in moderation guys. Don't ruin your hard work and effort week after week. Remember you are in control and you make these decisions. I guess in the end it is all about what you want out of life. One of the people that was interested in working with me said they don't want to give up drinking 4 or 5 times a week. I said, "That is fine, you don't want a six pack."

They said, "Oh no I do."

I replied, "Actually you don't, you want to drink. When your physical condition becomes more important to YOU than boozing you will cut back the drinking."

You have to prioritize and decide what is most important you. I am not knocking anyone for partying hard because I know I have had my YEARS in life but you can't serve two masters.

Once you make that decision about what is important, don't sabotage yourself. Dedicate yourself to reaching your goal. You have to establish a relationship with yourself as one of two things: Best Friend or Worst Enemy.

So what are you going to do this weekend? I will be in the gym a few times for sure. I may go out for a drink but, chances are, I won't.



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